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Pellets from the manufacturer

Pellets (pellet fuels, wood pellets) are a type of solid fuel obtained by compression of wood waste. Our company sales and manufacturers pellets of “Premium” sort made of softwood (pine, spruce) using granulating equipment with capacity 700 kg per hour. The basic material (sawdust, wood chips, wood wastes from harvesting) is crushed to a state of the wood meal, then dried and pressed into pellets with a diameter of 4mm and 6mm. Chemical additives are not applied in manufacturing of fuel pellets. Milled wood particles are glued during pressing by the lignin contained in the wood. Finished pellets are cooled and packaged in a convenient container for storage and transportation.

Firewood or pellets?

Efficiency when heating with pellets reaches 95% that significantly exceeds the efficiency when heating with firewood. This can be easily explained: wood pellets are denser than firewood. There is concentrated more wood in pellets per volume unit and consequently more heat energy. Relative humidity of well dried firewood is 20%. During the burning process the part of the released heat from wood is spent on evaporation. Our company–manufacturer of wood pellets ensures humidity not more than 7-9%, which is several times lower than the humidity of firewood. For evaporation of natural moisture it is spent less energy when heating with pellets than with firewood. Besides, the calorific value of firewood is estimated on average within 2 kW*h/kg. For pellets this value is 5 kW*h/kg. Thus, one kilogram of wood pellets has 2.5 times more heat energy than one kilogram of well-dried wood. In addition, consumption of pellets is 2 times lower than consumption of firewood and is comparable with consumption of medium quality coal.

Consumption of pellets in pellet boilers depends on the boiler capacity and the heated area. Consumption ranges on average from 2 to 20 kg per hour at a boiler power from 9kW to 100kW respectively.

Sale of pellets at a price of 4,000 rubles per 1 ton.

We manufacture and sell high-quality pellets of the “Premium” sort affordable for any prudent buyer. Due to the low cost of pellets they are one of the most advantageous types of fuel. The company “Sever Les” sells wood pellets wholesale and retail from the warehouse in Murygino Township in the Kirov region.



Price, rub/ton



Premium" PELLETS (white wood fuel pellets) big bag packing

6mm, 8mm

5200 rub.


Premium” PELLETS (white wood fuel pellets) bags 33-35kg

5500 rub


PELLETS (gray) big bag


3800 rub


PELLETS (gray) bags 35-40kg

4000 rub


The quality of the pellets produced by our company is confirmed by the Testing laboratory for determining the qualitative characteristics of the fuel Federal State-Funded Institution “Kirov CSM”

The advantages of using the pellets

Besides the main benefit – the low price – this type of fuel has a number of other equally important advantages:

  • Easy to transport and store. Fuel pellets don’t require special conditions for transportation and storage; and scattered pellets are easy to collect with a whisk broom.

  • Ease of use. Pellets have low fire and explosive risk; easy loading and the possibility of automation of fuel supply in the pellet boiler. Pellets have no smell unlike wood, gas and fuel oil.

  • Waste utilization. The granules of pellets - ecologically clean fuel with an ash content of not more than 3% for easy cleaning of burners and maintenance of boilers and fireplaces.