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Batten (shiplap weatherboard)

A batten or euro-batten is often used as a facing material for internal and external finishing works.

Batten is a decorative timber mainly made of softwood (spruce, pine) and is suitable for interior finishing of premises of all kinds (walls and ceilings). It is the most famous and indispensable material for interior and exterior finishing of a country house, balconies, cottages, loggias, gazebos, bathhouses or saunas. In certain places batten is almost the only possible material for finishing of interior walls of premises.

Batten is a dry and breathable material, so the only requirement when working with it - dry weather during outdoor works and heating in winter. In the future batten will gain humidity corresponding to the environment of a room.

Batten visually “smooths” the walls, creates an excellent sound insulation (almost 100% of sound reflection), regulates the humidity of the room and creates a pleasant climate. The exceptional qualities of the material, perfect geometric parameters will allow you to achieve optimum results in the arrangement of a room.

Speaking of the decorative side of a batten, it should be mentioned that there are types of batten that perfectly imitate the appearance of log or timber.

The product combines an environmental friendliness of wood, appearance and ease of installation.