Planed timber

Planed timber is a material that has at least one sawn face or both edges processed by planing. These include bars as well as boards of different sizes which are used in production of furniture, windows, doors, parquetry, baseboards etc.

Planed board is a standard board treated on the high-quality equipment from every side. Technology of processing of planed boards allows getting a completely flat and smooth surface which is important in interior finishing.

Planed board is often used for interior finishing, creation of a certain interior, for cladding of facades. Also a planed board is used for production of furniture due to its high grade of quality and the optimum moisture content.

Planed beam – is one of the best types of timber which has passed the test of time. It has a width of not more than 100mm, and width does not exceed a double thickness. It is also intended for a furniture production, decoration, construction of bathhouses, gazebos, garden cottages.

Our timber is made of coniferous trees; they are ecologically clean and safe. Our product is one of the most durable. Planed timber products pass the rigorous quality inspection and modern equipment makes them nice to the feel and to the eye.