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Production (manufacturing) of rounded log

Since ancient times on the territory of Russia there were built wooden houses. The principle of construction lied in the fact that to fit a log into another log you have to alternate the thick and thin ends of the logs. Such a construction took a long time due to its labour intensity. However, the construction was becoming more and more common, which is naturally led to the simplification of the process. In the twentieth century the best solution for this construction was found – logs of the same diameter throughout the length.

The modern rounded log, construction with which is very popular, is the solid piece of wood. In the manufacturing process it is not cut and not pressed. Thus, the whole timber is not subjected to additional processing.

Prices for rounded log



Price, rub./m3 without a cup

Price, rub/m3 with a cup at an angle

90 °  

45 °и 60 ° 

ROUNDED LOG (without preservative) of natural humidity


6 000

6 650

7 250

2206 3007 0007 500
ROUNDED LOG with Finnish profile (+500rub/m3)240
2606 5007 3007 600

The process of manufacturing of rounded logs.

The logs production itself is quite a labour-intensive process. Thus, in order to start the production of logs, the manufacturers need special equipment for making of logs.

Before rounding the logs, they are carefully sorted by the size. After sorting, the logs get cut out cups and then get treated with antiseptic compositions for extending the service life of the log.

 As a result, the log becomes insensitive to changes in weather conditions. The composition of the preservative is thought out not to clog the capillaries of the wood. Due to this, the log dries out naturally. After the process of drying, the log is covered with preservative once again, which protects it from decay and moisture.

Today the production of rounded logs is carried out with certain types of wood. The most commonly used is pine. Pine is convenient because almost all trees have a smooth trunk which makes the processing and sorting of logs easier.

Right now the rounded log, construction of which is so popular, is often turned to a diameter of 200 mm or more. If there are logs of smaller diameter, they are also used for construction but mostly for utility rooms such as bathhouses, gazebos and so on. The most popular in Russia are logs with a thickness from 200 to 240 mm, because this thickness optimally protects from frosts and adverse environment.

The advantages of construction from rounded logs.

It turns out that the round log, construction of which is now very popular, has many advantages. The logs have a smooth shape so that the parts of the future house can be easily adjusted to each other. In addition, such a house has an attractive exterior.

Choosing the manufacture of rounded logs for construction of the house, the man gets all the advantages of this material: natural origin, clear geometric parameters, beauty of the construction and a long service life.

Modern production of logs is performed without technological failures, which gives the walls a neat exterior. Many people prefer not to process the walls. The natural wood also has a positive effect on human health, by revitalizing the air. As is well known many modern materials are not very useful for the health. Production of rounded log for construction eliminates this possibility.

A house made of rounded log differs from the usual wooden house by the aesthetic parameters. Wooden houses often may look not very neat because they are built from parts that have different diameters. In the case of the construction of rounded log this situation is excluded because the manufacturer is responsible for the quality of the product.