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Timber imitation

Timber imitation is the type of facing board for exterior and interior decoration of the house. When decorating the walls with this board it gives the visual impression that the house is made of square timber.

Timber imitation is a planed flat facing board with bevel edges and a chamfer. This type of board appeared on the market rather recently.

We produce timber imitation made of pine and spruce – durable and eco-friendly wood.

The process of production of timber imitation:

Imitation of timber is produced on the high-quality equipment. The process has several stages: cutting, gouging, end cutting, chamber drying, assorting and packaging.

After drying in the drying chamber the timber imitation is not subjected to rotting and fungal diseases because it loses some of the moisture.

For timber imitation there are specific dimensions:


Dimensions, mm

Length, m

Price (without loading, rub./m3)










from 6 750

7 250

The advantages of timber imitation

Timber imitation has a tongue-and-groove connection; this makes it easy to assemble the panels.

The advantages of the timber imitation are low heat conduction and high noise insulation. Timber imitation accumulates the excess moisture and creates a natural indoor climate.

Wooden panels imitating the square timber are used for facing of walls of houses and cottages made of various bricks and blocks, also of rounded log or an ordinary timber. Unlike the batten or euro-batten that can be mounted in a vertical position as well, the timber imitation can be mounted only horizontally.

The timber imitation is used for winterization of walls made of a thin glued laminated timber from inside, as well as for facing of non-wood walls (houses of cast concrete).

Timber imitation is a simple and affordable solution for finishing of your cottage and country house.