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Euro-batten (facing board) is a very convenient eco-friendly material of a special profile for walls and ceilings in rooms.

Euro-batten differs from the simple batten by its shape, width, thickness, surface treatment quality requirements (thickness – 12,5 mm, effective width (without a pin) – 85 mm and the total width (with a pin) – 96 mm). It is produced under strict technological conditions (this also applies to the process of wood harvesting and storage of finished materials). As a result the technical and operational characteristics of euro-batten are better than batten.

Euro-batten has a tongue-and-groove connection; this allows a gapless coupling of facing boards. The main difference from simple batten is an enlarged to 8 mm tongue-and-groove connection and air channels cut on the back side. They are needed to ventilate the back side of euro-batten and to prevent condensation. European standards are more demanding towards the quality of the board, that’s why the price for euro-batten is higher than for batten.

Humidity of a euro-batten should be within 10-16 %. This humidity provides a good quality of planing, protects against cracks, warping during storage, installation and use.

Wood of coniferous trees (softwood) is used for the production of euro-batten. It is formed into packs (usually of 10 boards) and packaged in a heat-shrink tape. The tape protects euro-batten against atmospheric moisture and keeps its appearance during storage and transport.