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Edged board

By the method of processing the boards can be divided into edged and unedged.

In the modern sense of the term the edged board – is the board treated from both sides with perpendicularly sawn edges suitable for coupling and joining. The bark of the tree which may contain harmful insects is completely absent on all sides of the edged board.

The width of the edged board is usually more than a double thickness. The width is the same along the entire length.

The edged board is in high demand for one simple reason – it is a natural, eco-friendly material that is used for both outdoor and indoor use, which automatically increases the demand on the construction market.

Edged board of spruce and pine is the most popular right now. And the pine has more compact structure than spruce, but the spruce keeps the heat better. It is ideal for finishing work. Pine is a suitable material for frameworks and other load-bearing structures.

Use of edged board

In summary, the use of boards in building is various - different outdoor works during the construction of wooden houses, making of fences etc. Using the edged board you can do subflooring, make a rafter system, make the desired framework of space, it is also suitable for temporary constructions, sheds and other buildings. Edged board is used in the manufacture of wooden windows and doors.

In addition, edged board is used in furniture production. Unlike the other materials, it doesn’t need veneering because it is already decorated with natural structure.

At the present time the edge board is in great demand.

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