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Bar is a product produced by primary processing of timber.

The bar can be of natural humidity or dry. Dry bar is more convenient to use because it does not change its dimensions during the use. Unlike the dry bar, the bar of natural humidity can change the shape and parameters (bend for example).

The bar has precise geometrical parameters. This material can be with square and rectangular section. Its size depends on the application.

Dimensions of a bar:

  • 50 х 50 х 3, 4, 6 m

  • 50 х 70 х 3 m

Our company produces a bar of coniferous wood (pine, spruce) that have the advantage of its strength and durability.

Application of bars

Bars have the widespread use in the furniture manufacture and joinery. It is a billet for furniture production and necessary material for the construction industry, renovation and finishing works; the bar is also used in the manufacture of interior doors and partitions, in construction of load-bearing structures and manufacture of wood trim. Planed bar can be used for decorative furnish of premises and landscapes.

The excellent quality of the bar is caused by its properties: strength, durability, ease of assembly, lightness, ease of manufacture etc.

Bar is an eco-friendly and beneficial to health material. It has a very good performance characteristic.

The price is not high so the bar as a building material is available to everyone. If your house is properly designed – the bar looks very favourable with the decoration of the house.

Buy the bars from our company and we will help you to make your house comfortable and beautiful!