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Planed square-edge timber

Planed square edge timber is an eco-friendly and reliable material and at the same time is one of the cheapest.

Sawn timber is produced from logs by sawing bars with given parameters. For example:

  • 100х100 mm

  • 100х150 mm

  • 150х150 mm

Bar with cross section 150x150 mm is mainly used for the construction of country houses and cottages; it is also used for construction of houses for winter. If the bar has a smaller thickness then the house for permanent residence must be winterized. In a house made of the ordinary square-edge timber the interior partitions must have the similar thickness. For the production of square-edge timber we use coniferous wood (pine, spruce).

It should be noted that the disadvantage of square-edge timber is that there are cracks appearing on its surface during the drying out process. Houses made of square-edge timber of natural humidity shrink 3-5 %, which doesn’t allow to immediately proceed to the wall cladding after the construction is finished. Cladding is made only 1 – 1,5 years after construction.

Therefore, the preferred time for the assembly of wooden houses of square timber – is winter. On a square timber of natural humidity there is almost no blue rot at this time of the year. Due to frost the wooden bars of natural humidity dries out more evenly. This minimizes the appearance of cracks on it.

External and internal walls of the house made of square timber do not require any further cladding.

Timber is subject to fast assembly, this can significantly reduce your expenses.

Protection of square timber from rotting.

Due to the decay of wood the physical and mechanical characteristics of wood are changing. As an organic material, wood is a breeding ground for fungi and insects. That’s why the protection of wood begins at the stage of production and storage of timber.

Oil or paste preservatives are used for the protection of square timber from decay. They must penetrate into the wood and don’t reduce the wood strength during impregnation. One of the most important factors is their safety. Oil preservatives are highly toxic so they completely eliminate insects and wood-destroying fungi. But they are used in limited quantities because they have an unpleasant smell and dye timber in a dark colour.

Square-edge timber is a safe for health product. The building made of square timber has a nice and neat exterior. Buy timber in TPF “Sever Les” and you will be satisfied with the excellent quality and best price of our products.