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Log imitation (block-house)

Log imitation is the type of a facing board representing an imitation of rounded log. On each side there is a tongue-and-groove connection for easy installation, and from the back side – grooves for the removal of stress.

The basic material for the manufacture of “block-house” is a log. The log is sawn; the scheme “square in the circle” is used when cutting, i.e. the inner part of the timber goes into production of square timber or boards, and the external 4 parts – for production of log imitation.

We produce log imitation made of coniferous wood (pine, spruce) – they have a natural waterproofing in the form of a resin; this extends the service life of the log imitation.

The benefits of construction from log imitation

Log imitation has an excellent sound insulation and low heat conduction.

Log imitation is used for facing of internal and external walls of buildings, gables, ceilings, balconies. They can be used for a house of almost any material (foam concrete blocks, cast concrete, square-edge timber). Log imitation helps to winterize the house and give it a beautiful exterior. This material is very easy to assemble.

After mounting the log imitation it can be covered with varnish, paint, wax, gel. In this case the material will no longer require an additional finishing and maintenance.

How does the log imitation save your money?

Log imitation will cost you much cheaper than rounded log. The material is used in all types of construction, and a house decorated with it looks like a building entirely made of rounded logs. Therefore, first you spend less money and secondly the log imitation, unlike the rounded log, doesn’t crack and has a perfectly smooth surface. Installation of this finishing material is also much cheaper.

After finishing of the walls with log imitation, it gives an illusion that you are in a rural wooden hut. Such a surface perfectly conveys the style and comfort of a country house, it is easy to assemble, durable and eco-friendly.

Log imitation offers extraordinary opportunities for a designer who can create with it stylish and original projects. Especially interesting is the composition when only a few fragments of walls are decorated with the log imitation.

Currently the log imitation is a very popular material for finishing of a house. It has excellent decorating properties and it perfectly fits the interior of the house and creates comfort and peace for you and your family.