Unedged board (fence board)

Unedged board (fence board) is quite popular in the market of timber - this is due to the low cost and ease of processing. If an edged board looks quite decent and can be used inside and outside, the unedged boards are often used as a material for temporary scaffolds and any other structures where a good appearance is not necessary.

Unedged board differs from the edged board by the level of processing, which affects the cost of the timber. Unedged board has wane edge or partially sawn edge (edge – any of the two opposite narrow longitudinally sawn surfaces of an edged timber); there can be more wane then on edged timber (wane – the edge of the board which is cut from a log and isn’t cut on the edges).

This makes it much cheaper. Why buy an expensive edged board when it is not needed. It is better to use the material specially designed for this. But even if you choose such a low-cost material as an unedged fence board, you should pay attention to some factors by which you should evaluate its quality.

  • If the sawcut is of poor quality – there can be dents and shatters on the board that make the processing of the material difficult.

  • Knots disrupt the structure and significantly spoil the appearance of the board. They can bend the wood grain; boards with knots are worse at suffering the loads.

  • Improper drying of wood or low temperatures may cause cracks on an unedged fence board.

  • Changes in the cross-sectional shape (warping of an unedged board). Often as a result of warping the board takes an arcuate shape.

The use of unedged (fence) board

An unedged board is also called a “fence board”. The intent of this material speaks for itself – a board for fence. Construction work should be carried out on a fenced territory so here you will need a fence. Such a fence is the easiest to build in a few days, and then it can be quickly and easily disassembled and used on another construction site. Therefore, wooden fences and fence board are the most important element in this case. Wooden fence should not look too attractive, so the ordinary boards with height of 2 meters are ideal for building of fences.

Unedged board is also used for roof covering and sheathing, manufacture of flooring, load-bearing structures and other works where appearance of timber is not so important.